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The study plan has taken care of the sequence in the best possible way, we strongly advice to follow this sequence and the schedule.

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We at MidhaFin are a strong proponent of smart work. Many FRM®, CFA & PRM students whom we have taught over the years have had to juggle their exam preparations with either job or college which brought time management & exam strategy to the forefront of their FRM®/CFA/PRM preparation.


After years of successfully guiding students in their FRM®/CFA/PRM study planning, our team has not only been able to identify certain approaches to the FRM®/CFA/PRM preparation but have also learnt to customize the FRM®/CFA/PRM study plans for individual students, based on their time commitments and goals.
The relationship between our instructors and our students is not just that of FRM®/CFA/PRM instruction and teaching but also of mentorship. When a FRM®/CFA/PRM student joins, we have a session with him or her, wherein, our instructors understand the student's goals and the amount of time they have to prepare for the FRM®/CFA/PRM exam. Based on the student's prior knowledge, his or her strengths & weaknesses and the amount of time they can commit every week, we prepare a customized FRM®/CFA/PRM study plan for the student.