Mock Tests

Mock Tests

Exclusive to MidhaFin Candidates:

Our mock tests are an integral part of the training package, provided at no extra cost to ensure seamless preparation.

Not a MidhaFin candidate? No problem!

Access our expertly crafted mock tests for a nominal fee and start preparing with the best.

Our philosophy involves learning through application. Mock test, both sectional and full-length, are important components of the FRM®/CFA/PRM study process at MidhaFin.
During the FRM®/CFA/PRM preparations, we conduct frequent sectional mock papers which ensures that any new information acquired by the student is adequately tested as the FRM®/CFA/PRM course. Starting three weeks before the FRM®/CFA/PRM exam, we conduct weekly full-length mock exams which are based on the pattern seen in actual previous FRM®/CFA/PRM exams.
Further, we also provide quartiles for our students to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other FRM®/CFA/PRM students.


MidhaFin offers weekly full-length mock exams that closely replicate the structure and intensity of the actual tests.
These exams are crafted based on patterns observed in previous years exams, ensuring that participants experience the most realistic preparation possible. This approach allows candidates to familiarize themselves with the exam format, manage their time effectively under exam conditions, and identify areas that require further study.
Alongside rigorous testing, our course also includes detailed performance comparison metrics. These insights reveal each candidate's strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers, directing their focus to areas that need strengthening. This strategic guidance is crucial for optimizing study efforts and boosting confidence.