Complete Study Material

Our comprehensive study material for the FRM® curriculum is designed to provide candidates with everything they need for a complete and thorough understanding of the subject. With a range of resources and features, we ensure that our candidates have access to the best tools for their exam preparation.


Our study material encompasses various components such as video lectures, lecture PDFs, question banks, mock tests, and past sample paper questions. These resources cover all the essential aspects of the FRM® curriculum, allowing candidates to delve into each topic with confidence.

The video lectures provide in-depth explanations and visual aids to enhance understanding, while the lecture PDFs serve as comprehensive guides.

To ensure clarity and address any doubts, we offer instructor-led doubt sessions, where candidates can interact with experienced instructors and receive personalized guidance. Our unlimited doubt answering feature enables candidates to seek clarification on any topic.

With our complete study material, candidates can approach the FRM® curriculum with confidence, knowing that they have access to a wealth of resources and expert support to excel in their exams.